Was the Election Hacked?

November 15, 2016     Mark Lew    

A manageable way of life development situated in Santa Clause Fe, NM is supporting the national exertion of “Confirmed Voting” for a scientific examination of the current race. As indicated by different sources, a few effective infiltrations of our race frameworks by Russian programmers have been recognized.

http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/12/legislative issues/florida-race hack/

The American individuals require solid affirmation that no “worm” or “Trojan Steed” programming was embedded to flip the sums in our voting framework.

Alan Hoffman, originator of AParallelWorld.com, put it thusly, “The FBI announced three fruitful infiltrations of far reaching voting frameworks this decision cycle. Malware like this, which can be utilized to flip a race, is not hard to compose and is not discernible aside from by a measurable relate.” Hoffman is requiring our administration to guarantee the American individuals that a remote power did not control our race and trusts the best way to do that is by directing a scientific describe in states with close outcomes.

Late proclamations of enjoyment by Vladimir Putin brings up considerably more issues. Said Hoffman, “This is not a political issue but rather an issue of undercover work on a terrific scale. On the off chance that there was no control a constrained describe will console Americans and the US Military this is the will of the general population of America not the will of the Kremlin. Don’t you need to know?”

Hoffman is requiring the FBI, FEC and the secretary of state in each state to cooperate to confirm there was no Russian hacking. “Since this is an examination of remote undercover work, the CIA ought to be included,” clarified Hoffman. He imagines choosing a set number of voting regions where paper polls will be related. “In the event that there is a noteworthy variety between the paper vote check and the official count and the variety for the most part goes in one heading, you’ve been hacked,” says Hoffman.

“Given that we know Russian programmers entered our voting frameworks, and that the errand of flipping this decision is well inside their capacity, is there any valid reason why they wouldn’t? Why would it be a good idea for us to go out on a limb? The investigations is snappy and easy to do and after that we will know.” Hoffman expressed he doesn’t propose a relate right now but instead an examination to know whether our equitable framework is under digital assault.

“A Parallel World is a group of maintainability voters and we are quite recently attempting to ensure our entitlement to pick practical options in parallel with old ruinous items like coal, oil, GMOs and the sky is the limit from there. The president elect’s announcement that environmental change is a scam alongside his interest in the Dakota Get to Pipeline is an obvious risk to all of us,” said Hoffman

The appeal to entitled, “Request a Review of the 2016 Presidential Race” is on Care2 Appeal, Hoffman urges all to join. “On the off chance that you need to know without a doubt, join ideal here”.

http://www.aparallelworld.com/news/did-a-remote power-degenerate our-el … must-know/

For more data call Alan Hoffman at (505) 316 0449.


A Parallel World is a group of maintainability voters committed to ensuring our entitlement to pick feasible options. At AParallelWorld.com you can discover a news blog, techniques and a developing commercial center of supportability merchants. Helping you live solid secure the planet and spare cash.

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