Do Ghosts Exist?

February 16, 2017     Mark Lew    

“Apparitions: The Narrative” is a first-of-its-kind logical examination concerning the presence of phantoms.

The program stars Kelsey Bohlen as the on-camera storyteller with cameo appearances by unbelievable Emmy-grant winning performing artist Jay Thomas, best known for his parts in Cheers, Mr. Holland’s Creation and Dragonfly.

Kelsey, who is additionally the film’s partner maker, is at present endeavoring to persuade Selena Gomez to oblige her on a genuine phantom chase in the wake of having seen Selena apparition chasing with Jimmy Fallon on The Today around evening time Show. “That would be so dynamite,” Kelsey expressed, “what amount of fun would that be!?”

Perusers can see the film’s as of late posted Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ghostthedocumentary/and add their own remarks to the topic.

Amid the program, James Van Praagh (maker and official maker of “Apparition Whisperer” featuring Jennifer Adore Hewitt) and a large group of PhDs and MDs, survey their broad research and discoveries into the subject of phantoms and the great beyond.

The venture’s maker, Garrett Sayre, and the venture’s chief, Steve Sayre, are both previous top-mystery knowledge agents for the Unified States military and have finished 7 years of research into the field of between dimensional correspondences and life after death encounters with a specific end goal to make this narrative.

Along these lines, stay tuned!

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