USCIS is Now Accepting TN Visa Applications From Canadians Currently Outside the U.S.

October 11, 2012     Mark Lew    

As of October 1, 2012, the U.S. Citizenship and Migration Administrations started tolerating new applications from Canadian residents for TN status from outside the Unified States via mail. Customarily, USCIS just acknowledged applications for changes of status and restorations via mail. New applications from Canadians outside the U.S. looking for TN status had the solitary alternative of presenting their application for TN status face to face at a U.S. port of section. This new direct recording choice permits Canadian experts and their bosses’ the extra alternative of documenting straightforwardly with USCIS from outside the Unified States to acquire TN status.

As indicated by Jeremy Richards of Jeremy L. Richards Migration Law, there are a few points of interest and impediments to presenting a TN application via mail.

One favorable position of applying by means of mail is you don’t need to do the Traditions and Fringe Assurance talk with, which is frequently among the most threatening components connected with the TN visa application handle.

Mr. Richards takes note of that one major hindrance however is the cost. While the handling charge at a U.S. port of passage is just $56, applying through Shape I-129 requires a documenting charge of $325.

Another inconvenience is time. An individual applying at a U.S. port of passage will get a prompt reply on the acknowledgment or disavowal of their application. This permits a man to acquire TN status without prior warning. Applying via mail, be that as it may, will take an any longer timeframe. A TN application submitted by means of mail can take two months or more to process. On the off chance that time is of the substance, Mr. Richards recommend taking the customary port of passage application course.

Obviously, an alternative is made accessible for the individuals who wish to record via mail yet still get a prompt choice. Premium preparing, which ensures a choice inside 15 endless supply of the application, will cost a candidate $1,225.

Mr. Richards trusts that this most recent strategy for applying for TN status will open up new entryways for Canadian experts and their bosses. Obviously, he expresses that it is still best to counsel with an accomplished U.S. Movement legal advisor before continuing with a TN Visa application.

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