Brightworth President and COO Ray Padron Joins Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Georgia

September 14, 2012     Mark Lew    

Brightworth, an Atlanta riches administration firm, is glad to declare that its Leader and Head Working Officer, Beam Padron, has joined the Directorate of Junior Accomplishment of Georgia. Notwithstanding his position on the Top managerial staff, Padron will likewise take an interest in the 2012-2013 activity to make Georgia’s first Junior Accomplishment Fund Stop/Junior Accomplishment Business Town opportunity.

Junior Accomplishment of Georgia assists youngsters in evaluations K-12 with bridging the ideas they learn inside their classrooms to those of business and financial matters. Volunteers from nearby organizations and the group visit the classrooms of more than 100,000 understudies yearly and show programs from Junior Accomplishment which cover budgetary proficiency, entrepreneurial deduction and business enterprise, and worldwide workforce preparation. Since so a significant number of these volunteers have reasonable business encounter, they can help understudies to better apply these ideas to certifiable issues and breath life into hypothesis.

Junior Accomplishment of Georgia accepts unequivocally in the endless capability of youngsters and has focused on helping the adolescent of Georgia to accomplish their maximum capacity by offering them the apparatuses they have to assemble the abilities and dispositions they should succeed.

"I feel amazingly regarded to be a part of the imperative work that Lesser Accomplishment of Georgia is doing," says Beam Padron, President and COO of Brightworth. "By urging youngsters to take in more about business and accounts, Junior Accomplishment of Georgia is giving our extraordinary express a strong monetary future."

As President and COO of Brightworth, an Atlanta money related advisement firm, Beam Padron has broad experience inside the monetary segment, making him a perfect part for the Governing body of Junior Accomplishment of Georgia, notwithstanding its Fund Stop and Business Town opportunity.

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About Brightworth

Brightworth is a "fee-only" Atlanta riches administration firm. The Atlanta money related organizers at Brightworth have a profound skill over the budgetary controls to give progressing exhortation and composed authority. Brightworth portfolios are worked with a worldwide capital markets viewpoint that incorporates the utilization of option ventures to catch returns and lessen instability as business sectors move. With a reasoning of responsibility and straightforwardness, this Atlanta resource administration firm is worked to last with a progression arrange intended for Brightworth to work freely for eras.

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