Willing Hearts App — A Five-Star Experience

December 30, 2016     Mark Lew    

Commentators rate the new Catholic application Willing Hearts five stars. The most up to date Catholic application Willing Hearts is presently on the Amazon Appstore and on iTunes, for both Android and Apple tablets and telephones!

Willing Hearts is an immersive ordeal that incorporates period music, voice-overs by current Sisters of the Heavenly Cross and memorable records all woven through a piercing, innovative verifiable story. This is history exhibited in a one of a kind mold! The Ready Hearts application recounts the gutsy and chivalrous stories of Catholic Sisters of the Sacred Cross who filled in as medical attendants amid the Common War.

Theirs is a momentous story of confidence, fearlessness and discovering happiness in the midst of an irate, divisive time in our nation. Take after these overcome ladies religious into military healing facilities close by awesome waterways, and onto a radiant maritime doctor’s facility steamboat. Discover more about this application at: www.willingheartsapp.com

“We were not set up as medical caretakers, but rather our hearts made our hands willing and our sensitivity prepared, thus with Lord have mercy on’s, we did much toward mitigating the horrendous enduring.”

– Mother M. Augusta (Anderson) CSC

Davis Studio Distributing – Generosity Applications – A little advanced studio committed to recalling the graciousness ever. Our central goal at Davis Studio is to share these heart touching stories about Catholic Sisters’ administration as medical attendants amid the American Common War with the expectation that they will assume their legitimate position in ladies’ history and U.S. history all in all. A segment of the returns will go to the Sisters of the Sacred Cross services.


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