Confused.com Reveals That a Third of UK Workers Admit Pulling a Sickie

September 19, 2012     Mark Lew    

Confused.com has uncovered more than 33% of specialists (35 for every penny) concede having misled their supervisor about the reason they have missed work. Well known reasons specialists use to pull the fleece over their boss’ eyes incorporate influenza, stomach hurts, loose bowels and awful backs. Be that as it may, the shocking number of individuals who still go into work when they are really unwell suggests a hazardous culture of ‘presenteeism’.?

The survey of 2,000 UK laborers likewise uncovers the main five callings where individuals will probably come up with a rationalization to their manager about missing work. These are call focuses (54 for each penny), utilities (47 for every penny), the deliberate part (45 for each penny), wellbeing (43 for each penny) and form and outline (42 for each penny).

In the interim it additionally highlights the areas where laborers lie the most as well. These are East Anglia (40 for each penny), the East Midlands (38 for every penny), the North East (37 for each penny) Yorkshire and the Humber (37 for every penny), and the South East (37 for every penny).

In spite of numerous representatives coming up with reasons to have a vacation day, numerous all the more still warrior on and go into work regardless of feeling unwell. The greater part (55 for every penny) of individuals surveyed said they had gone into work when they felt too sick to do as such on the grounds that they were stressed over what their supervisor or associates would think.

Confused.com is cautioning UK laborers to consider what security they have set up on the off chance that long haul disease strikes. Matt Lloyd, Head of?Life Protection at Confused.com, stated: "Our inquire about proposes that the way of life of swinging up to work sick is to a greater degree a danger than ‘pulling a sickie’. It is exceptionally stressing that laborers are not organizing their own particular wellbeing and feel that they can’t take a day away from work wiped out when they are really unwell."

Matt Lloyd proceeded with: "With many individuals encountering an absence of employer stability in the course of the most recent couple of years, it’s a truly imperative time to consider insurance items, such as?income security and basic disease cover, particularly on the off chance that you have wards, for example, youngsters or you have normal installments to make, for example, a mortgage."

The examination likewise demonstrates that ladies will probably stress than men over requiring some serious energy off wiped out – 64 for each penny say they have been into work when they felt sick since they were anxious their supervisor wouldn’t trust them. Almost half (47 for each penny) of men said a similar thing.

More than one in 10 laborers in the UK has missed work because of a headache, as per the review. Individuals from the North East are destined to miss work following an overwhelming night out – 15 for each penny of laborers surveyed from the locale said they had missed work since they were hungover.

Other basic reasons why individuals had missed work incorporate essentially remaining in bed to make up for lost time with rest (10 for every penny).

About Confused.com:

Confused.com is one of the UK’s greatest and most prevalent value examination administrations. Propelled in 2002, it produces more than one million quotes for every month. It has extended its scope of examination items in the course of the last couple of years to incorporate more specific protections, for example, shoddy auto protection for ladies, occasion home protection and entire life coverage. Confused.com’s administration depends on the most a la mode data gave by UK providers and industry controllers.

Confused.com is possessed by the Chief naval officer Gathering plc. Chief of naval operations recorded on the London Stock Trade in September 2004. Confused.com is managed by the FSA.

Site: www.confused.com

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