It’s Time To Awaken Your Purpose

January 21, 2017     Mark Lew    

Dr. Marie Mbouni is a recuperating craftsman, profound guide, inventiveness mentor, and a top of the line creator who’s been a specialist for a long time. She offers transformational encounters for pioneers and change-producers who need to step all the more completely into their energy.

As indicated by Marie, “It’s a matter of rethinking what you call reason. Now and again you may have a craving for heading off to the moon or setting off to a specific nation and building houses for poor people. It’s what it is that you bring to the table for the development of yourself, your companions, family and the planet.”

Only a couple days after its discharge, her book “Recovering Your Blessings: A Manual for Arousing Your Motivation” turned into a smash hit in 3 distinct classifications on Amazon. Furthermore, the Portuguese variant of her book was additionally a hit.

In this book, Marie takes us on a voyage toward self-revelation. “Inside you is a reason. In any case, once in a while it’s something that you have to stir and recover,” Steve Kidd, have Flourishing Business person Radio Show – Hear the entire meeting at WeHelpYouTHRIVE.com/radio

“Recovering Your Blessings: A Manual for Arousing Your Motivation” is accessible on Amazon at http://www.amzn.com/B01N3QI2UK.

Brought up in Cameroon, Africa, Dr. Marie Mbouni is a recuperating craftsman, profound guide, and innovativeness mentor and also a rehearsing MD for a long time.

Through on the web, face to face work and withdraws, she gives apparatuses and treatments outfitted towards changing creators at all phases of their improvement, from those simply perceiving their call to administration to those set up on their way.

Marie concentrates on heart opening, vitality mindfulness, awareness and association with imagination, instinct, and Source vitality, which she sees as key characteristics of completely exemplified pioneers. Marie holds holy space supporting change-producers to venture into their fullest potential, which she calls the fantasy self.

Since her enlivening as a recuperating craftsman, Marie has prepared as a Usui Heavenly Fire Reiki Ace, and has concentrated Sound, Shading and Chi Development treatments at the Tama-Do Foundation, and in addition keeping on concentrate Integrative Shamanism. Marie has additionally worked together and prepared with various different healers and visionaries including Whitney Freya, Lisa Nichols, Sofiah Thom, Elaine Alghani among others. She has built up her own technique as a full range Recuperating Craftsman, offering apparatuses and direction to quicken others on their ways to self-dominance and self-acknowledgment.

From her home base in Southern California, Marie keeps on filling in as an anesthesiologist and also an imaginative business visionary.

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