Laguna Beach, CA. Mark Mushkin Has Opened a New Multimedia Production Facility, Art Gallery and Events Venue Which Will Host Charity Events Featuring Live Music and Fine Art Installations

February 28, 2017     Mark Lew    

Grant winning craftsman Check Mushkin secures a 3000sf business property in Laguna Shoreline, California to be the area for his “Studio Display”, another mixed media creation office, workmanship exhibition, and occasions scene.

The Studio Exhibition will have occasions highlighting Imprint’s compelling artwork photos, workmanship video establishments and also unrecorded music and execution craftsmanship by visitor contemporary craftsmen.

The scene is accessible to host philanthropy gathering pledges occasions by associations profiting disease research and projects for tested youth. Check Mushkin is right now showing his most recent arrangement of compelling artwork photos with a relating video establishment through summer 2017.

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