What Good is Privacy in your Coffin?

January 14, 2017     Mark Lew    

In her first blog of 2017 she keeps in touch with: It has turned out to be boringly unsurprising: after every psychological oppressor assault, in an automatic reflex one pastor after the other direly and uproariously request more accumulation of individual information. (…) Any individual who sets out to get some information about need, proportionality, basic rights or to be sure adequacy of those plans, is assailed for hampering the battle against fear based oppression. Courts who really apply the law, and breaking point the capacity of information of honest individuals, are called “distant from reality”.

Promoter of the fact of the matter is an exciting story set in today’s general public, set apart by populism, developing bigotry, fear based oppression, the long for security, the falling endlessly of structures, and fizzling (political) initiative. A general public in which noteworthy innovative improvements appear to be interminable, however where the protection of the individual is undermined with no regret. On a more individual level, it is a profoundly moving and moving anecdote about fellowship, adore and the sympathy Francis of Assisi stands for.

The quick paced scholarly novel shows what the future may have in store for us and brings up significant moral issues. Do we permit dread, voracity and status to overrule the common bonds between individuals? Ought to the protection of people be relinquished to the dream of security? How would we keep innovation from throwing a dull shadow over what’s to come? Also, eventually, is humanity nearing its lapse date?

Backer of reality (ISBN 978-9492371126, 362 pages) is accessible as soft cover and digital book.

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