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December 28, 2016     Mark Lew    

Kirk Word, praised nearby land master and golf lover has formally propelled his podcast arrangement “Kicking It With Kirk” on iTunes and Google Play. Highlighting nearby famous people and similarly invested golf truck fans, each podcast will be a profound plunge into the universe of custom golf trucks, Kirk Word stories of wild circumstances past, and whatever happens, happens.

Scene one presents Kirk Word and his maker Sam Bohon as they apparatus up for American Trucks, their unscripted tv indicate now underway in North Texas. They talk about the hardships of the custom golf truck world, what it takes to fix a golf truck race (estimate does make a difference), and a speed dating round of inquiries to learn exactly how profound the rabbit gap goes in Kirk’s psyche.

“This began as only an insane thought, we needed to assemble a program to connect with everybody who loves to have a fabulous time, adores getting in a golf truck and simply cutting free. I had no clue how huge the group was, and truly, I’ve been truly awed at the positive reaction we’ve been getting,” Kirk Word remarked as they arranged to meet yet another nearby shop. “We have a huge chance to unite everybody through their affection for these trucks, and we can hardly wait to begin.”

Kirk Word was brought up in Dallas, Texas and has lived there everything except a couple of years of his life. Movements to Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada were brief in light of his fascination and the solace he feels in the north Texas zone with companions and a family with nearby roots that run five eras profound. When moving to a green group in 2015, Kirk obtained some vintage golf trucks to reestablish and drive around the area. The golf truck extends soon looked like the commonplace to the max over-the-beat interest with his trademark absurd point of view. Before long, American Trucks was conceived.

As an antecedent to American Trucks, Kicking It With Kirk allows people in general to hear the totally unfiltered intelligence and stories of this North Texas local somewhere down in his component. “Is it politically right? Scarcely. Is it an awesome approach to get a couple chuckles, kick back and tune in to the irregular, curved personality of yours genuinely? Hell yes.” Kirk closes.

Kicking it with Kirk Word is a week after week podcast discharged by means of SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, Good-for-nothing, and TuneIn. Including nearby big names, custom golf truck specialists and fans, we jump profound into this developing fan base and loosen up with the constantly amiable Kirk Word and stories of his past and future enterprises.

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