Meza Dental Achieves Three Years AAAHC Accreditation

May 4, 2017     Mark Lew    

Meza Dental Care has accomplished accreditation by Acreditas Worldwide, an Auxiliary of AAAHC INC for Walking Medicinal services (AAAHC). Accreditation recognizes this corrective dental focus from numerous other outpatient offices by giving the most astounding nature of care to its patients as dictated by a free, outside procedure of assessment.

Status as a certify association implies Meza Dental has met broadly perceived models for the arrangement of value human services set by AAAHC. More than 5,000 mobile social insurance associations over the Unified States are licensed by AAAHC. Not all walking social insurance associations look for accreditation; not all that experience the thorough on location overview process are conceded accreditation.

“We trust our patients merit the best,” expressed Dr. Alberto Meza, Organizer and Chief of Meza Dental. “When you see our testament of accreditation, you will realize that AAAHC, an autonomous, not-revenue driven association, has nearly inspected our office and methods. It implies we as an association think enough about our patients to make progress toward the most elevated amount of care conceivable.”

Wandering social insurance associations looking for accreditation by AAAHC experience a broad self-appraisal and on location study by AAAHC master surveyors – doctors, medical caretakers, and chairmen who are effectively required in walking human services. The overview is consultative and instructive, introducing best practices to help an association enhance its care and administrations.

“Experiencing the procedure tested us to discover better approaches to serve our patients, and it is a consistent update that our obligation is to endeavor to ceaselessly enhance the nature of care we give,” said Meza.

About Meza Dental

Meza Dental is a top of the line Restorative Dentistry Center situated in San Jose, Costa Rica, that is devoted to giving outstanding dental care to patients from around the world. Our dental practitioners have been prepared in perceived Colleges and Organizations in Joined States like UCLA and gIDE/Loma Linda College. Moreover, Meza is a licensed center by the AAAHC and our chief and organizer Dr. Alberto Meza is one out of the main two certify individuals south of the Assembled States by the American Institute of Corrective Dentistry (AACD). Continually making progress toward flawlessness, our expert group conveys fantastic outcomes consolidating the workmanship and study of Corrective Dentistry.

About Acreditas Worldwide

Acreditas Worldwide is pleased to be the universal arm of AAAHC. We use the devices and experience of AAAHC to help universal medicinal services associations increase present expectations for security and quality care, with an emphasis on raising the patient experience. As an accomplice for neighborhood medicinal services associations, Acreditas Worldwide additionally attempts to comprehend exceptional social standards and qualities when supporting human services associations amid the accreditation procedure.

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