Musik and Film Signs Cumbria England Progressive Rock Duo, "Gandalf’s Fist" to a Worldwide Distribution Deal with the Release of Their New Album,"From A Point of Existence"

September 25, 2012     Mark Lew    

Musik and Film signs Cumbria Britain’s dynamic shake couple, Gandalf’s Clench hand to elite overall dispersion with the arrival of their new album,"From A State of Existence".

"From the fiery debris a fire should be woken,

A light from the shadows should spring;

Recharged should be cutting edge that was broken,

The crownless again should be king." – J.R.R. Tolkien

Over the moving, Tolkienesque slopes of Cumbria, Britain the bass overwhelming melodic slither of dynamic shakes, "Gandalf’s Fist" conveys from its Center Earth starting points to center America on the winds of Musik and Film’s new dispersion crusade. Portrayed by the band as, "The Hobbit meets Cutting edge Runner", the new collection, "From A State of Existence" keeps on mixing conventional Dynamic Shake components with pluckings of People shenanigans and squeezes of hallucinogenic clean acquired from Floyd. "Progressive shake is a classification that most may believe is old hack and situated in the 1970’s, however we’ve taken the components of that early scene and blended it with long rhythm changing solo’s and society enlivened ocean shanties to make something that is unique", says Luke Severn. Severn, who alongside Senior member Swamp make up "Gandalf’s Fist" is definitely not hard lined or hard edged with regards to his inventive procedure and the motivations that prompt to the groups melodic trips.

Framed in 2005, "Gandalf’s Fist" was a meeting of the brains between two self-announced "geeks" and Tolkienites. "We’re nerds, don’t misunderstand us, however typical, balanced nerds, who like the daylight and football and girls." qualifies Severn in a late press meet with Dynamic Shake Magazine. Senior member Swamp is an able multi-instrumentalist who when joined with Luke Severns ethereal, shale vocals make more than tunes, however whole scenescapes loaded with story, feeling, enterprise and adventure. This twosome produces a novel voice, hypnotizing the audience and making a space of mindfulness that turns out to be practically addictive in nature as you press play and rehash on and on.

The medieval-space-shake odyssey that is the new collection, "From A State of Existence" is the band’s most recent offering to its expanding fan base. Set sooner rather than later it is a Hallucinogenic Rollercoaster, taking after the account of William, a humble frozen yogurt van administrator, who mysteriously gets to be distinctly entangled in the heist of the individual abundance of the draconian business-head honcho Sir Jason Drake.

The couple draw melodic motivation from groups they appreciate like Camel, Convoy, Blackfield, Riverside, Injured Dark Phoenix, Astra, or groups who have affected them, for example, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater. " many people say they can hear the impact of the substantial hitters of Dynamic shake in our music yet to be straightforward I’m affected significantly more by groups that tumble along in their very own universe and make wonderful melancholic songs," clarifies Senior member. "It’s about flexibility. There’s no ‘govern book’ for Dynamic rock."

What’s more, there’s no control book for the immense experience that "Gandalf’s Fist" has left upon. With the group at Musik and Film driving the way the future looks as splendid as the shades of the hallucinogenic fine art twirling the front of the new Disc.

"Still round the corner there may hold up, another street or a mystery gate." – J.R.R. Tolkien

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