Philly’s Legendary Dondi Releases New Album “Imagine That” On Melldon Music

February 17, 2017     Mark Lew    

Sensational musician Dondi gladly commends the arrival of his new collection “Envision That”, which has been warming up the web on Album Infant, iTunes, Amazon, and all other online entrances throughout the previous two weeks.

Amid the Christmas period of 2016, the principal “Sufficiently single for Two” got to be distinctly accessible to people in general, and the collection is presently appreciating a #2 spot on Reverbnation’s exceedingly gathered R&B offerings. Genuine R&B partners will be eager to test this creation in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day, when exotic and heartfelt tunes truly provide their motivation. The music that analysts have refered to as “Unadulterated Enchantment” is an intense method for giving audience members the vehicle to ignite their sentimental impulses.

Rich and smooth bass lines go with drums that are incredibly jazz-like on the collection, and are reminiscent of experts, for example, Pal Rich and Craftsmanship Blakely. Dondi is an ace of execution, and knows precisely what his completed item ought to sound like, however when performing live he confides in the generation to his music chief and band mate Check Julian Teague. In a domain where standard rap has prevalently centered around the negative, Dondi’s tunes are a return to a more straightforward time, as well as the quintessence of building connections upon the establishments of profound longing and regard.

“On the track ‘Envision that’, I hear considerably more than the normal correlations with Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye; I can imagine Dondi cruising down Ben Franklin Expressway truly drinking in and bringing out the appeal of the city. These are warm and instinctive particularly Eastern sounds that would never be evoked in the breadbasket or out West,” composes prepared music blogger Jon Weirman.

Dondi’s mix of music is evidently old-school, and has attracted correlations with R&B greats, for example, Sam Cooke and Al Green. “Give Me Your Affection” was perceived with open arms by Main 40 audience members on the FMQB Hot Air conditioning/Main 40 diagram, and many raved about his significant capacity to charm delicate ears from the City of Charitable Love appropriate on up to the brilliant rooms of the White House itself.

About Dondi

This front man for the Philadelphia horn-outfit “Jam Roll” has long realized that he has the cleaves to make it as a performance craftsman, and feels that the present is the ideal opportunity for him to set out on that trip. The best in each craftsman is brought out when they know how they hear things, and Dondi can hear everything as though it were a formal issue with candlelight and blossoms a short time later. Enrolled at 8 years old to sing with the world celebrated young men choir of the Philadelphia Music Institute, he encountered the excite of heading out abroad to Europe. With the intelligence of the world and partiality to neighborhood joints, for example, The Little Lion and The Upset House scratched in his persona, Dondi is ready to make this year the beneficiary of his heaviest accomplishments.


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