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September 13, 2012     Mark Lew    

Since its dispatch in 2010, MobileFoodNews.com has turned into the main hotspot for news, information and knowledge to the portable sustenance industry, giving breakthrough data on an assortment of points including gear and nourishment items, and also a window into the general population off camera.

MobileFoodNews.com, otherwise called MFN, is determined to give helpful data to proprietors/administrators all through the world, and the site plainly separates points of intrigue. The absolute most mainstream site classes are: most recent news, business operations, new items, truck developers, trucks fests, and Television programs.

MobileFoodNews.com is business-to-business (B2B) situated, the exchange diary to the portable nourishment industry and along these lines offers phenomenal publicizing open doors for organizations hoping to contact the most sizzling pattern in the foodservice business… sustenance trucks. MFV is the perfect medium for B2B promoting in the sustenance truck industry as site activity is gotten basically from business substances, along these lines accommodating a tremendously focused on group of onlookers.

Beside show promoting, MobileFoodNews.com utilizes web-based social networking channels to associate with key influencers to pick up site introduction and enhance presentation for publicists. With more than 9000 committed Twitter supporters, its online networking that has helped MFN turned into a pioneer, and it’s web-based social networking that will help sponsors pick up piece of the pie.

Starting this year, MFN will offer a one of a kind open door for sellers to display inside its "MFN Nourishment Truck Pavilion" situated in the fundamental show floor at the prestigious 2012 Int’l Inn, Motel & Eatery Appear (IHMRS), Nov. tenth thirteenth at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC. Extra exchange shows will be declared soon.

For press request please email PR@MobileFoodNews.com. For Publicizing & Sponsorship Openings, contact their Promoting Group specifically Advertise@MobileFoodNews.com or call 1.888.922.6676 ext. 801.

About MobileFoodNews.com:

MobileFoodNews.com is an exchange diary, the main hotspot for news, information, conclusions and understanding about the portable sustenance industry, hardware, nourishment item and the general population who claim and work in the versatile sustenance industry.

MobileFoodNews.com is the online exchange diary for the portable sustenance industry. For additional data contact PR@MobileFoodNews.com or Advertise@MobileFoodNews.com

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