1st Class Medical Corporate Supporter of 11th Annual Austin Jay Fund Memorial Golf Tournament

September 1, 2012     Mark Lew    

The eleventh Yearly Austin Jay Finance Remembrance Golf Competition occurred on Sunday August 26th, 2012. It was held at Coyote Spring Green in Fortification Lupton, Colorado. The competition raised over $10,000 which will be added to more than $200,000 that this reserve has raised throughout the years. The cash has been given to the neurology office at Denver’s Youngsters’ Clinic. The reserve was enlivened by Austin Jay, a kid conceived with Two-sided Schizencephaly, a condition portrayed by anomalous improvement in the halves of the globe of the cerebrum. It’s an uncommon ailment and research financing is rare. Austin’s father Jay began the competition to reserve inquire about when Austin was 3. He kicked the bucket when he was 11 however his family pledges to keep raising cash to discover a cure for this infection. Jay was satisfied with the current year’s turnout and anticipates the developing accomplishment of the competition. "Someday we’ll have several golfers and I know we’ll spare another child’s existence with this. I know we will." The Austin Jay Support has made it feasible for neurology office at Youngsters’ Healing center to keep on researching this malady and additionally encouraged gatherings for specialists worldwide to share examine discoveries.

Jay says the competition is pulling in more individual golfers and also corporate members. Nearby organizations see philanthropy competitions as an approach to assist in their group and support a fun excursion for their workers. first Class Therapeutic is situated in Englewood, Colorado and offers compact oxygen concentrators and home oxygen machines. They take an interest in numerous nearby philanthropy occasions and were a corporate member this year. They got included through Julian Montoya who is a respiratory pro, helping patients discover an oxygen machine that best suits their necessities at one of the organization’s web elements, www.portableoxygenconcentratorsltd.com. Julian has played in the competition for as far back as nine years and chose to take a break from talking about oxygen concentrators and get a foursome together to hit the connections for a decent motivation. Their group likewise comprised of delegates from www.g2portableoxygen.com and www.lifechoiceconcentrator.com. The oxygen concentrator group didn’t win the competition this year yet said they making the most of their time out on the course and were cheerful to assist an awesome cause.

Notwithstanding the golf competition the Austin Jay Finance holds a quiet sale and is arranging a knocking down some pins competition this winter. To make a gift make checks payable to The Youngsters’ Healing facility/Austin Jay Store and mail to Austin Jay Support, 17121 E. Walsh Way, #101, Aurora, CO 80017. To join the email rundown to be informed of up and coming occasions email: austin10j@live.com.

A few sites including www.portableoxygenconcentratorsltd.com, www.g2portableoxygen.com, www.lifechoiceconcentrator.com, and www.sequaleclipseconcentrator.com work under the first Class Therapeutic umbrella. They are one of the countries biggest assets for home and compact oxygen concentrators. For additional data, please get in touch with us at 1-800-520-5726

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