The Ghetto Nerd Signs Publishing Deal With Over the Edge Books

March 3, 2017     Mark Lew    

“Therians: The Enlivening” is a certain thriller. The three book arrangement destined to be discharged by California based distributing organization, Over the Edge Books, is an option distributing organization that distributes stories and craftsmanship that might be disregarded by customary distributers. The new discharge is a realistic novel that gives perusers understanding into the clandestine, underground and otherworldly universe of therianthropy. A productive story that narratives the predicament of a specific race of therians as they are trafficked and transported everywhere throughout the world over the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth hundreds of years. “Therians: The Enlivening” is a sensible and riveting science fiction dream that will keep its perusers captivated from the primary page. Giving more than pictures however convincing content, this novel certainly has the quality to one day form into a movie film.

The creator uncovers that he has dependably had a fixation on werewolves, shapeshifters and things that go knock in the night since youth. “Werewolves and vampires were never startling to me yet charming,” says B. Van Randall (otherwise known as rap craftsman The Ghetto Geek). “The individuals who read will start to change. Therians is more than a tale about werewolves,” says Randall. “It is an account of gnosis and knowing one’s self”. Moving on from Wayne State College with a B.A. in English, composition turned into an outlet for Randall – an approach to convey what needs be and dodge energetic pitfalls. “Not to be excessively dreadful but rather bizarre things occurred as I composed Therians: The Enlivening,” says Randall. “I’ll speak more about that later.” He closes with a knowing grin.

For data, please visit http://www.overtheedgebooks.com or http://www.theghettonerd.com.

About B. Van Randall:

B. Van Randall (otherwise known as The Ghetto Geek) was brought up in the inward city of Detroit, MI. For the majority of his life he dwelled on Detroit’s eastside going to government funded schools and eventually moved on from a rural eastside secondary school. Amid his lesser and senior years in secondary school Randall composed and created his first hip jump collection with his long lasting companion. Randall in the long run went solo, changing his name to Jezt Bryan (otherwise known as Red Eyez) and discharging a LP that included a few different rappers and R&B artists.

In 2003, Randall (under the stage name Jezt Bryan) turned into the principal rap craftsman to perform for troops serving abroad on the army installation in Guantanamo Straight, Cuba. The execution got national consideration.

In 2009, Randall (under the name Van Randall) composed, coordinated and delivered “Family Ties: A Van Randall Dramatization”. The stage play was openly and effectively performed at the Charles H. Wright Historical center of African American History. It got complimenting nearby audits. He went ahead to later co-make a trial portray parody arrangement titled “The Randalls & Co.” An arrangement later shared and fancied by any semblance of Dr. Boyce Watkins and some more.

Today Randall is a rap craftsman (under the name The Ghetto Geek), a writer, writer, screenwriter and artist. An overall maker and scholar.

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