4 Day Nosework Seminar Aug. 3 Through Aug. 6, 2012

April 23, 2012     Mark Lew    

The Puppy Squad of Oakland, CA today declared that they will support a 4 day K-9 Nosework class instructed by Andrew Ramsey of Ramsey K-9 Administrations. The workshop will be held at the beautiful Cub scout Camp, Camp Herms, in the El Cerrito slopes close Tilden Stop.

Steve Bettcher, President of The Canine Squad, clarified the inspiration for the workshop, saying, "Nosework is turning into a prevalent action and rivalry for pooches and their proprietors. It depends on and enlivened by identification preparing for working canines."

The showing systems utilized by Andrew Ramsey utilize a similar establishment preparing that are utilized to prepare Law Requirement and Military Identification K-9’s, yet are designed for handlers and their pet mutts who need to enter the universe of Nosework for the sake of entertainment or rivalry.

Despite the fact that the workshop is not outlined particularly as an establishment for an expert recognition work, Mr. Ramsey utilizes similar strategies so that you and your puppy can create and amplify your potential as a group to simply play around with your pooch or to go on and go after titles.

The reason for Andrew’s Nosework Workshop is to acquaint and draw in the pooch with the session of looking for an objective smell and to instruct the handler how to manufacture a solid functioning organization among them by appropriately inspiring, taking care of, perusing and remunerating the canine.

Any pooch paying little mind to age, breed, size or demeanor can appreciate and advantage from this action. Canines even with restricted acquiescence abilities can profit and learn. Nosework can assemble trust in a timid puppy, give a dynamic pooch a proper and testing outlet for its vitality and help the receptive canine conquer its ecological affectability. Nosework fortifies the bond amongst pooch and handler and best of all it is enjoyable!

The Course will be restricted to 12 working groups and 12 eyewitnesses/reviewers.

– Cost for working Groups will be $595 (Snacks and Lunch included)

– Cost for Reviewing will be $275 (Snacks and Lunch included)

– Early enrollment (before April 30, 2012) 15% Rebate.

– Early enrollment (before June 30th) 10% Rebate.

The course is required to top off early so hold your spot early. To hold your place go to http://www.dogsquad.biz/seminars.html.

About The Puppy Squad: Oakland pooch coach Steve Bettcher is an Affirmed Canine Mentor from IACP and has been helping East Narrows Zone canine proprietors prepare their puppies and mutts for more than 15 years. Steve has worked with a wide range of canines and puppy/pooch preparing issues. No canine or puppy submission issue is excessively troublesome or trying for him, making it impossible to handle. More than 45 Veterinarians from the Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and Contra Costa Province have prescribed the Pooch Squad as their Narrows Zone and Fremont puppy coach of decision.

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