Canadian Romantic Fiction Author Rusty Blackwood Announces Events, Special Pricing On ‘Willow’s Walk’ In March, 2017

March 15, 2017     Mark Lew    

Canadian Outside the box sentimental fiction writer Corroded Blackwood has reported various meetings and extraordinary evaluating in Walk 2017 for her 5 star appraised sentimental fiction novel ‘Willow’s Walk’. The new sentimental fiction novel is remarkable in that it addresses the perils of web-based social networking inside the setting of a sentimental fiction story line. Online networking destinations can at times be magnificent spots to frame new connections. They are likewise full of peril for the clueless. Blackwood utilizes this idea as one point of convergence of the story. A develop lady/more youthful man relationship that starts in a Web visit room prompts genuine inconvenience for Willow Sutherland-Crosby, the hero of the story.

On Spring fourteenth ‘Willow’s Walk’ will be an included book for the day on Outside the box Writer News.

On Walk 21st a meeting with Corroded Blackwood will show up on a similar site. There will be a free giveaway of the Encourage adaptation of ‘Willow’s Stroll’ at Amazon.com from 6 am to 11 pm.

At that point on Spring 28th ‘Willow’s Walk’ will be the Book of the Day on Non mainstream Writer News.

“I am extremely satisfied to have three up and coming day highlights amid the time of Spring on Outside the box Creator News,” Corroded Blackwood expressed. “I have showed up on this famous and useful Independent book site in 2013 with my sentimental fiction dramatization, ‘Interests in Paris: Disclosures of a Lost Journal’, and I am most satisfied to have my freshest novel, ‘Willow’s Walk’, hold the focal point of the audience, alongside a meeting with yours genuinely talking about the novel, and my part as an Outside the box writer. To have one’s work included on such a great site is an a good representative for one’s name, and to one’s work, and I am at the end of the day anticipating it.”

‘Willow’s Walk’, takes after the arrival of ‘Interests in Paris: Disclosures of a Lost Journal’. Her first sentimental fiction novel is a clearing adventure written in the custom of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and ‘What Dreams May Come’. It has been contrasted with Erich Segal’s ‘Romantic tale’ and Nicholas Starts’ ‘The Scratch pad’.

Willow’s Walk’ is a grasping new story, sure to hold perusers hostage from the primary page. Set in the excellent city of Ottawa, Canada in 2003, this touching story fixates on the life and times of a lady resolved to win no matter what, paying little mind to what is set before her, the aftereffect of which is sure to leave the peruser reeling afterward.

The way every individual strolls is completely their own. The pitfalls along that way, and in addition the route in which they are managed are altogether up to the person. However, Willow Sutherland-Crosby strolls a far-various way, and with her own plan.

Manhandle, duplicity, interest, and a ceaseless mission for bliss and love – will she discover these, or will her visually impaired assurance be her defeat?

‘Willow’s Walk’ has gotten various 5 star surveys from expert analysts. Maria Beltran expressed, “I exceedingly suggest this book.” Gisela Dixon stated, “I altogether appreciated perusing about the life of a man introduced in such a superb way.” Another stated, “Fiercely legitimate. I was touched by the mixed conclusion that occasionally reason and bliss are just found through awesome disaster …”

‘Interests in Paris’ has additionally gotten rave surveys. Linkk Kula Kane stated, “Interests in Paris I think holds fast with these other intense sentimental stories like ‘The Journal’ by Nicolas Flashes.” Peruser Fred Pifer expressed that “‘Interests’, is a captivating book of a romantic tale that appeared to be composed on account of me. In the book ‘Romantic tale’ by Erich Segal, he recounted a profound tolerating romantic tale that helps me to remember Cullen and Satisfaction’s in Ms. Blackwood’s book, however the touches of interest and riddle that she includes keeps the peruser edge all through.”

Data on the new sentimental fiction discharge, including another book trailer, is accessible at Blackwood’s site on the “Willow” page. Perusers can download soft cover and Ignite adaptations of both books at Amazon locales around the world, including Amazon.ca.

Corroded Blackwood is accessible for meeting in the Toronto and Niagara ranges and can be achieved utilizing the data underneath or by email at writerrusty@hotmail.ca. More data is accessible at her site.

Corroded Blackwood is a productive Outside the box writer of sentimental fiction, short story comedies, contemporary and conventional verse and youngsters’ books. Her first love is sentimental fiction, yet she crosses kinds effortlessly.

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