Fukumori Group Speaks out About the Importance of Diversities in Practicing Healthy Investment Strategies  

April 9, 2013     Mark Lew    

The aim of the Diversity Month was to encourage and increase the awareness by following some best investment strategies across all the diversities


Fukumori Group, a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) that specializes in alternative investment strategies, managed futures, commodities, and other diversified investment strategies, today announced that it has celebrated the success of its ASEAN Diversity Month last week. The reason for celebration was because it was the company’s first ASEAN Diversity Month. ASEAN is the designation for the given to the European, Middle East and African countries.

The ASEAN Diversity Month saw the participation of more than 1000 employees engaging in a month-long series of activities that included informative and inspirational presentations hosted by the leading financial experts and thinkers from the field of the finances. Their main focus was to include the importance of diversity in their presentation. They talked about their unique perspective on the benefits of using a diverse workforce. Using a diverse workforce has proven to be effective and productive for the companies in gaining the potential access.

They are amongst the top financial service provider for a reason. Their employees are their biggest assets, and their team of financial advisors and managers are equally supportive. Moreover, in the world of a male dominated profession, their women advisors are thriving in the field of investment banking. Their flexible approach has helped them to train their women employees on how to build a perfect business relationship, and this has resulted in fostering their career. Their employees witness unexpected challenges, and they are well taught to overcome any difficult situation.

On the other hand, the presentations also included the importance of educating the employees about different diversities and most of the employees trust their employer in educating them. Practicing diverse financial strategies is a critical approach and is mostly related to the confidence of the participant on how he/she plans on reaching his/her long-term goals. Moreover, this study also depicts that how the confidence of an individual rises when his/her stock plan assets are included in the entire financial plan.


About Fukumori Group

Fukumori Group is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) that specializes in alternative investment strategies, managed futures, commodities, and other diversified investment strategies. The firm’s Products and Strategies are quantitative and systematic, based on sound investment and risk management principles. The strategies have been vigorously tested and are continuously being monitored, researched, and incrementally improved. The Executive Team includes investment professionals with a combined experience and expertise of almost 40 years. They are passionate about what they do and share the belief and understanding that sound business practices must be based on trust, morality and ethical behavior.

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